Better refrain from having these food items for a healthy rainy season

junk food, fried food

Monsoon is nearly here and while many of you would have cravings to each street side food while it is raining, it is better to hold off for at least next 3 months. Alongside street food, experts recommend not to have the following foods to enjoy a disease-free monsoon.

Here are some foods you can give a miss during the rainy season:

Leafy greens
Although they contain all essential nutrients your body needs, it’s best to avoid them at least during the monsoons. This is mainly because they are more susceptible to germs due to the presence of dirt, mud and worms. Eating raw salads or vegetables during this time could prove fatal for your health. Instead go for steamed salads that are light on the body. Steam cooking also preserves minerals and antioxidants in the foods.

Fried foods
Say ‘no’ to deep fried foods no matter how tempting and palatable they may look. This item should be completely avoided because the highly humid monsoon weather can cause the digestion process to slow down. Fried foods contain excess oil and salt, which can lead to gastronomical complications like bloating and stomach upset.

Soft drinks
Avoid all sorts of carbonated, fizzy drinks. They reduce minerals in our body, which in turn leads to reduction in enzyme activity necessary for digestion. So keep your mind off drinking these sugary beverages that can damage the already weak digestive system.

Sea food
Monsoon is the breeding season for sea creatures – fishes, crabs, prawns, etc. So it’s a wise idea to avoid them. Since seafood is something hard to resist, you should make sure that the fish you are consuming is of the freshest variety.

Street foods/fresh juices
All street foods, including juices, should be avoided. The moisture in the air can make fruits and vegetables prone to contamination, which can cause various food-borne illnesses. Instead, cut fresh fruits and vegetables at home and have them instantly whole as salads or juices.


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