Scientists and Observers Work to Film Upcoming Eclipse

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You’ve likely been hearing about the upcoming solar eclipse. A solar eclipse occurs when the moon travels between the Earth and Sun. A solar eclipse temporarily blocks out the sun which creates a darkened sky. In many cases, a solar eclipse covers a small area in darkness for only a matter of minutes. In this post, you will learn how a group of people across the United States are ensuring memories of this eclipse last forever.

Technology has helped scientists study and understand many layers of the Earth. Scientists are looking forward to the upcoming solar eclipse to gain valuable data. The upcoming eclipse gives scientists a brief period of time to study regions above the surface of the sun. This region above the sun is only able to be seen while an eclipse is occurring. The Guardian reports that helium discovery and Einstein’s relatively theory both took place during an eclipse.

The upcoming solar eclipse is predicted to take a path along most of the western United States. Scientists are hard at work ensuring they obtain information by placing observers across the country. Having observers work together allows for scientists to create a film of the upcoming eclipse. Scientists are estimating that this film should present 93 minutes of eclipse footage, as it happens across the United States.

Observers will each be outfitted with a telescope. These observers have been told to focus on the inner solar corona area. The inner solar corona is an area that desperately needs more scientific research. A research center in Denver is planning to test newly developed equipment solely for use during the eclipse. This center hopes that attaching this new equipment to aircraft will help provide an up-close recording of the eclipse’s duration.

In summary, scientists and observers will be working to help advance science on Monday morning. Under normal circumstances, an eclipse is able to be seen for a few minutes. Scientists have realized that this eclipse will reach across a long stretch of the west coast. Observers plan on lining up with telescopes to attain research information as the eclipse passes over them. Scientists are working to collect all data, transforming into a full-length 93-minute recording. The results of this upcoming film could have amazing implications on the future of scientific research.


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