Anthony Petrello Shines as CEO of Nabors Industries

Anthony Petrello's success as Nabors Industries CEO
Anthony Petrello's success as Nabors Industries CEO

Anthony Petrello is probably best known as the CEO of Nabors Industries, a natural gas drilling company located in Hamilton, Bermuda. Nabors Industries has been so successful in its recent expansion that it now operates in almost all corners of the world. There are now more than 30,000 talented employees working for Nabors Industries, and it continues to grow its massive workforce each year. Petrello was the driving force behind the company’s steady and impressive growth in recent years and has displayed unparalleled vision and leadership in boosting the company to dominate the natural gas industry. He has been praised for his devotion to creating well-paying jobs for workers around the world and has contributed to a boost in the global economy. Nabors Industries has weathered tumultuous times in the energy sector far better than most other companies.

The company was originally known as Anglo Energy, Ltd. when it was founded in 1968. Petrello has been involved with the company since 1991 and says that he is very proud of the dedicated team responsible for building Nabors Industries into the success that it is today. After demonstrating amazing leadership qualities in his original role as COO of Nabors Industries, Petrello was quickly tapped to serve as its president. He later served as chairman for almost a decade and relinquished that role in 2012. Petrello was the natural choice for CEO of the company based on his long tenure at Nabors Industries and in-depth understanding of the natural gas industry. He gladly accepted this role and all of the challenges it has brought with it. Petrello is known for embracing obstacles as opportunities for growth and development, which has filtered down to all levels of the organization. He has certainly been a positive influence on the optimistic and engaged culture at Nabors Industries.

While Petrello certainly has natural business instincts and a drive for success, his educational background has also played a major role in preparing him to take on so many professional challenges. After graduating with a degree in mathematics from Yale University, Petrello earned a law degree from Harvard Law School. Petrello had a successful career practicing law at Baker & McKenzie before he even considered entering the natural gas industry. His practice generally included corporate law issues along with international taxation. He served as the managing partner of the New York City office of Baker & McKenzie for more than five years before making the big leap into the business world. Despite enjoying the practice of law and earning a stellar reputation for his legal prowess, Petrello has not looked back since joining Nabors Industries. He has found fulfillment in his work and an amazing network of colleagues at Nabors Industries, which make his demanding job all the more rewarding and worthwhile.

It is rare that a CEO of a major corporation has such a diverse educational background that Petrello has managed to achieve. The combination of his legal experience and time spent managing a major law office has proved more effective in Petrello’s current role than he ever could have imagined. He is uniquely positioned to steer Nabors Industries in the right direction and away from legal quagmires that could easily plague other companies in the oil and natural gas industry. Petrello’s ability to make sure that Nabors Industries is compliant with all federal and international laws and regulations makes him a highly qualified leader to take this company to new heights.

While Petrello has been praised for his technical and management abilities, he is also skilled at heading the strategic direction of Nabors Industries. He has always had a forward-thinking approach to introducing new policy directives for the company. This is one of the major reasons why Nabors Industries has become the largest land-based oil drilling company in the world. Petrello never settles for anything less than his absolute best and encourages all of his peers and employees to do the same. He has demanding standards for the entire team at Nabors Industries because he has always been committed to seeing the company achieve a new tier of success each year. He is quick to praise his dedicated team for all of their hard work in growing the company and has an uncanny ability to motivate them to keep pushing for even more.

In addition to his many responsibilities as the head of Nabors Industries, Petrello also makes time for many philanthropic endeavors. One of his major passions is helping children who are suffering from neurological disorders. This motivated him to volunteer his time in serving on the Board of Trustees of Texas Children’s Hospital. He speaks on behalf of children suffering from life threatening diseases and works as an advocate to ensure that they have access to the best resources and care possible in their fight to survive. He personally donated more than $7 million to Texas Children’s Hospital so that it could continue to improve its standard of care for children who need the most help.

Petrello is also extremely generous with his donations to educational institutions, including his $150,000 donation to Yale University. He says that he firmly believes in investing in the world’s future through supporting education at all levels. He has stayed involved in alumni activities at Yale University since graduating because he believes that his rigorous education was the backbone of his successful career. Petrello hopes to provide opportunities for others to excel through education the same way that he had the chance to at Yale University and Harvard Law School.

At this point in Petrello’s career, he could have easily retired and started relaxing after a job well done on many fronts. However, this is not in Petrello’s nature because he is driven to find out what more can be accomplished. He is leaving an important and laudable legacy behind him as he continues to inspire and produce outstanding results at Nabors Industries. The big shoes he has built for his successor to fill would be intimidating to most.

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