Be Your Own Boss with Traveling Vineyard

Traveling Vineyard Let's You Be Your Own Boss
Traveling Vineyard Let's You Be Your Own Boss

In the past, work from home jobs for moms mainly consisted of door to door selling or sitting for hours making phone calls to strangers. While these types of jobs still exist, other options are available. Today, work from home jobs range from offering graphic design illustrations through Etsy to providing copywriting services online. There’s even a company called Traveling Vineyard that lets moms host wine tastings.

Why Moms Want to Work from Home

Moms are usually the ones who are interested in working from home. They need extra income and an outlet involving other adults, but they also want to be home to see their children grow. At home work provides flexibility since companies that offer this type of employment usually let these workers set their own hours. Working from home often involves becoming an entrepreneur of sorts because forms of it require you to obtain your own clients and arrange a time and a place to sell them a product or service. Becoming a successful entrepreneur comes with a unique kind of satisfaction, one that includes confidence and a sense of contentedness.

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When You Work at Home

While working from home has its benefits, it’s important to manage it the right way to be successful. When you don’t have to be somewhere at a certain time, it’s easy to let work slide. For entrepreneurial success, set your alarm for the same time every day. Also, get ready for your work at home day in the same way that you would if you were leaving for the office. Do not work in your pajamas. Make your bed and have breakfast.

Establish an office space in your home, and make sure that it’s one you want to spend time in. Do this by organizing it and by adding things that make the space pleasant. Work at your business every day even if you only do so for 15 or 30 minutes. But, be sure to include one or two days where you spend several uninterrupted hours working. When you spend several hours laboring at your work at home job, be sure to treat it like a traditional one by including breaks and a lunch. You can use breaks to take care of any home tasks that need to be done. This may include cleaning, laundry or dinner preparations. Use a timer so you don’t get distracted by housework and are able to return to work at the right time.

During your work hours, make sure that the telephone and television are turned off. If you’re working while your kids are at home, then close the door to your office when working. With small children, you may need to work in short 15 to 20 minutes spurts. Offset these spurts with playtime.

Keep in mind that for some people, working at home comes with the problem of working continuously without stopping. Don’t do this. Schedule time away from your job to avoid feeling burned out. When people leave a traditional work environment for home, they often miss having adult conversations with their coworkers. Consider scheduling time with your friends on a monthly basis to reconnect and get your adult time fix.

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Building Friendships and a New Career

With work at home gigs like Traveling Vineyard, moms have the chance to lead wine tastings. This fun event gives work at home moms a way to make extra money while building friendships.

Along with home tasting events, you can make money with online wine sales. Through this kind of company, you’ll also have the opportunity to build a team and turn a part-time job into a new career. Traveling Vineyard is a company that doesn’t require its people to meet unreasonable sales quotas or keep inventory on hand. It offers 21 different varieties of wine. In addition, the company’s wine is available in three different categories, which are white, red and sweet and fizzy. Along with wine, the company also offers accessories like decanters, openers and chillers. Wine is priced from $14 to $25 per bottle.

Work at home jobs often require a significant investment, but with Traveling Vineyard, it’s $189 to begin a career as a Wine Guide. To get you started, the company will send you a kit that includes wine glasses, decanters and openers as well as carrying bags, order forms and brochures. You’ll even receive marketing materials and sommelier cards to help you learn about the different varieties of wine and how to pair them. Your initial kit will also include two of the company’s wine kits, and this has everything you need to host two tasting events.

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Success Tips

To make a wine tasting event fun and memorable, consider theming it. For instance, you could focus your tasting on one variety of wine like Malbec, which comes from different regions such as France, Australia, Argentina, South Africa and Chile. Comparing a single vintage from the same batch of wine is another theming option to consider. If you want to shake things up, host an event in which you and your group compare pricey and more affordable wines. You and those in attendance may be surprised by the results of the cost-based taste test. Regardless of theme, be sure to limit your tasting to four or five choices.

Consider the number of guests invited when deciding how much wine to bring. Two to three bottles of each variety are usually enough, but if it’ll be a big group, you may want to bring a few more. To prepare the palate, purchase an aperitif wine or make light wine cocktails for everyone to drink before the tasting.

Taking a Different Path

Most people consider getting a traditional 9 to 5 type job for income. However, working from home is a viable option, one that can be fulfilling and financially rewarding. Along with this, many work at home companies are taking things that people like to do and turning them into a career. With companies like Traveling Vineyard now offering you a way to make extra money while socializing with friends, it’s never been a better time to work for yourself from home.

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