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Somebody in your life has a sleeping disorder. Whether it is a parent, child, or partner, the chances of someone that you know having a sleeping disorder is quite high. This disorder could be sleep apnea, as it is a common sleeping disorder, or one of many others. While sleeping disorders are not considered that dangerous by most people, they can actually have a huge impact in the quality of your life. Not only will they not allow you to have a restful night sleep, but they can produce mood swings, heart disease, or even stroke.

A sleeping disorder is not something to put off or joke about when it may be life threatening. How many times do we joke when we hear a loud snorer in the next room or sitting next to you on an airplane. It is always good for a laugh. However, that loud snoring is actually a symptom that something seriously could be wrong. Think of it as a warning signal like the one that comes on in your car when something is wrong with the engine. It is best not to wait and get it checked out immediately. When you arrive at the pearly gates and they ask what it is that you died from, wouldn’t it be embarrassing to admit it was from the effects of sleep apnea? Especially when it could have been easily fixed if you had just seen a sleep professional.

Dr. Avi Weisfogel recognized worrisome symptoms displayed by patients quickly once he entered the dentistry profession. A dentist from New Jersey, Weisfogel began his own practice right out of dentistry school. He had ambitions even early on. Although he enjoyed being a dentist and running a successful practice, he felt that he could do more than just take care of cavities, do root canals, and pull teeth.

The number of his patients that he was determining to have sleeping disorders was a bit astounding. These disorders were seriously affecting their lives. He realized after awhile that he could make more of an impact by helping people getting diagnosed and treated for their sleep disorders. It was an extremely tough decision to leave the dentistry field and focus primarily on sleeping disorders.

The first obstacle he encountered was having people realize that they actually had a sleeping disorder. People cannot hear themselves snore. They do not realize when they hold their breath several times during the night. The choking sound that many people with sleep apnea make while sleeping is easily forgotten by the time they wake up in the morning. It is almost impossible to recognize a sleeping disorder in yourself for the simple reason that you are unconscious while you are exhibiting all of these symptoms. Most do not fathom that their snoring or the snoring of someone in their family is actually a sleeping disorder that can have serious consequences. Weisfogel knew there had to be an easier way to diagnose patients with the sleeping disorder that was ailing them.

Dr. Weisfogel, being a sound businessman, decided to switch his business from working on fixing teeth to fixing sleeping problems. Giving up a successful company to enter into a brand new world is not something to take lightly. It can be quite scary to undertake something so brand new. Dr. Weisfogel knew he was going to face some serious obstacles along the way. Sleeping disorders is not something well known by today’s population, so to educate not just the people suffering from them, but the professionals that can notice these symptoms was a bit of an uphill problem. After all, when talking to a doctor, how often does the doctor ask you how you sleep at night during your appointment? However, some of your medical problems that you tell the doctor about could actually stem from your sleeping disorder.

Weisfogel decided to invest significant time and money into creating Dental Sleep Masters. He took two years and a large sum of money, and banked on it paying off down the road. Dental Sleep Masters is a medical services company that specializes in providing a quality staff and a fully operational sleep study center inside a medical practice, business, or office. It allows other medical businesses to have a fully functional sleep study clinic inside their building without having to be involved in the daily operations of it. The medical professional can partake in the program whenever they have the opportunity or the need to do so.

The practice specializes in diagnosing sleeping disorders and correcting them with oral application therapy. These oral devices allow the patient to go to sleep, and continue to sleep with unobstructed breathing. This is important for those suffering from sleep apnea. Sleep apnea is a disorder where the person sleeping will sometimes hold their breath for up to several minutes at a time throughout the night. Coughing and choking can sometimes be heard right after the holding of the breath. This is usually followed by a gasp for air. It is incredible that the person hardly ever wakes up from this. The loud snoring that your family joked about for years is actually a sleeping disorder that could have life threatening consequences.

Depending on the patient, Dr. Weisfogel would prescribe an oral application that would support the patient’s jaw and in turn open the upper airways. The patients would then be able to sleep well without having troubles breathing. This in turn gives them proper rest for an active day when they woke up from a good night of sleep. A patient whose tonsils or tongue obstruct the breathing while sleeping will be given an oral device that adjusts the airflow properly. There are options to consider with every case. There are numerous different oral devices that Weisfogel has created to help people have a safe night of sleep. The first step is getting diagnosed, though, and seeing what they can do for you or the person you love.

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