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Netpicks is a trader education company that is a trusted authority on not only day trading but also online trading. According to, Netpicks has been around since the beginning of online trading and has been educating not only regular traders, but also regular people to learn the moves that will make them competent and highly successful traders. Netpicks boasts a staff of trader-educators led by trader and founder Mark Soberman. They will teach you the trading systems that will help you reach your goals whatever they might be. Some people choose to trade full-time when they see that they will make a comfortable living using these systems. Others are looking for part-time income that takes only minutes to secure using Netpicks’ systems.


Netpicks offers video training and online support. They will be there as you install the indicators and walk you through the systems. They will provide support as you begin practicing and even be there to listen to your ideas and give feedback through your virtual login on your personal computer.


Investment Tips for Exchange Traded Funds (ETF)


Why invest in Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs)? The simple answer is that for some investors, Exchange Traded Funds will give them the best returns on the funds they invest. Exchange Traded funds are similar to stocks in the returns they can produce and in how they are traded. Yet, they are like mutual funds on a risk basis. Therefore, you can get the returns you could expect from stocks while spreading the risk out like mutual funds. Using Netpicks educators’ support and Netpicks’ careful systems, you will learn to trade in a way that takes full advantage of the strengths of Exchange Traded Funds.

Enumerated below are useful Netpicks investing tips.


Tip # 1 Find a low-cost broker


In order to invest in Exchange Traded Funds, you will need a broker. Brokers will charge fees up to 10%. You can easily delete your profits in brokerage fees. The whole point of investing in ETFs is to get large returns off low-cost investments, and you can not do that if your broker is eating up your returns in various fees. So, a first step is to find a low-cost broker.


Tip #2 Find a Strong Fund to Invest in


In investing in Exchange Traded Funds, you may want to use a barbell strategy. One side of your barbell is your long-standing ETF with a very strong track record. These are funds with a long history of producing stellar results. So, do your research into the performance history of ETFs under consideration and find the funds that have a long, proven track record of producing strong and steady returns. Your investment in these funds will make up one side of your barbell. These are funds you can expect to be around a long time and to produce steady gains. However, they may not be significantly undervalued at times, and they may not be likely to produce unexpected extraordinary gains. For that, see your next tip.


Tip #3 Diversification


Once you have invested in your strong, long standing fund, you can now diversify your investments. You can invest further funds in newer, more exciting but strong performing Exchange Traded Funds which may not have a long, proven track-record but which may produce extraordinary and exciting growth and insane returns. These investments will spread out the risk. As in stock trading, diversification is key in investing in Exchange Traded Funds.


Tip #4 Choose an Index-Tracking Exchange Traded Fund


You can choose to invest in an Exchange Traded Fund that tracks an Index like the Standards and Poor’s 500. The reason this may be to your advantage is because every time an Exchange Traded Fund is bought or sold, there are commissions and fees to be paid. Going with a fund that represents the performance of a broad index can cut down greatly on your fees. It will also spread out your risk.


Tip #5 Pay attention to the Liquidity of your Exchange Traded Funds


You want to pay special attention to Exchange Traded Funds that are fluid and can be easily traded without wait and much hassle. These will give you more ability to maneuver, more choices, less risk, and more options.


Tip #6 Treat Day Trading as your job


Although many people turn to day trading as a way to exit the traditional working world, day trading is also a job. You will be your own boss, but you will need to be at your computer on time, to watch the markets, and keep careful records of your trades and financial transactions, commissions, and fees.


Tip #7 Have Patience if you choose swing trading


If you choose swing trading, you will have to maintain trading positions over days, and much of the time you will be making no moves as the market does its thing. If you are impulsive or a control freak, that can be crazy-making. Netpicks’ educators will teach you how to trade in a way that you will not be undone by the wait and the more drawn out strategies you will use as a swing trader.


Tip #8 Be prepared for a changing market


Many things can cause markets to become volatile. Things that shock the world, natural disasters, elections, and terrorist attacks. When markets become volatile, do you continue to trade? Do you panic? Do you do nothing and wait it out? The answers will depend on the investments you follow and on the systems you are using. It will not benefit you to panic. You will have the backing of the systems you are using to give you confidence in your decisions, and the advice of Netpicks educators to help you make decisions under conditions of extreme uncertainty.


These tips are recommended by Netpicks’ staff and founder and trader Mark Soberman. If you want to maximize your investment returns, you can check out Netpicks’ site, products, and systems. Many people have found success in Exchange Traded Funds investing, day trading, and swing trading by using Netpicks’ high-performing resources. Even a novice can learn to trade from his computer with the advice of the professional trader-educators who make up Netpicks’ team.

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