The Ways You Would Die If You Brought a Piece of the Sun to Earth


The sun is one of the most amazing members of the solar system. The sun is associated with many features including light, warmth, and radiation. Have you ever wondered what would happen if you brought a small piece of the Sun to Earth? Some You tubers, Kurzgesagt, compiled a video explaining the events that would transpire if one was to bring a piece of the sun to earth. The simple truth is that the sun would kill you. The way in which you would die depends on the part of the sun you will take home.

A Slice of the Chromosphere

If you were to take a piece of the chromosphere, the part constitutes the sun’s atmosphere, it would not last long. This is because the chromosphere is many times less dense than the earth’s atmosphere. The earth’s air pressure would destroy the piece of chromospheres immediately. Furthermore, since air will fill the vacuum, a shock wave will be created, and you would die if you were anywhere near it.

A Slice of the Photosphere

If you were to take a piece of the photosphere, the part that illuminates the sky and fills the earth with light, it would last a bit longer than the chromosphere. A sample of the photosphere is less dense than air and because it is supported by its own heat, it would not implode. However, it would glow brighter than the way the sun shines from 92 million miles. If you were to take a small sample to the lab, it would burn all the things into ashes and then quickly cool and turn into gas that is entirely safe. If you are in the vicinity when all of this is happening, you would die.

A Slice of the Radiative Zone

If you were to take a piece of the radiative zone, the part associated with radiation, the consequences would be similar to a nuclear bomb explosion. If you were to take the sample to your lab, it would lose the pressure that keeps the plasma together, and the result would be a thermonuclear explosion that would not only blow up your lab, but also your city and everyone in it.

What if you took a piece of the solar core, to put it in simple terms, it would be deadlier than the radiative zone. If the radiative zone can take out an entire city, what about the solar core?


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