Traveling Vineyard Suggests Amazing Fall Food and Wine Combinations


The upcoming change in seasons is the perfect excuse to think about all of the exciting meal options for fall. There is no reason to be sad about summer coming to an end thanks to the amazing fall food and wine pairings suggested by Traveling Vineyard.

It would not be fall without being ambushed by all things pumpkin. From lattes to pies, the pumpkin flavor is one of our strongest associations with the fall season. No matter how you like to enjoy your pumpkin treats, there are delicious options from Traveling Vineyard to perfectly complement the rich and unforgettable pumpkin taste. Even if you enjoy a sweeter pumpkin dessert, the 2016 Beeline Muscat Canelli from Traveling Vineyard is the perfect match. While this wine is one the sweeter side, there is not so much sugar that it will overpower the flavor of your dessert. It makes the pumpkin pie you are craving all the sweeter and the flavor linger a little longer. While many white wines are most often thought of as summer options, this particular semi-sweet wine has the ideal amount of bold flavor to work for fall.

Another option for more savory foods is the 2016 Pebble Viognier, California from Traveling Vineyard. You will notice the strong aroma and taste of more spices in this wine, which help to make heartier fall foods all the richer. If you were searching for one wine option that would pair well with both your main dish and your fall dessert, this one will certainly do the trick. It will not clash with sweeter flavors and serves as a delightful balance to more sugary treats. Although it is primarily recommended to be served with the main dish, such as pumpkin ravioli, this scrumptious wine is so delicious that it will often carry through to dessert.

If you are craving some meatier and heartier foods this fall, the 2015 Calamity Sue Riesling, Lake County, California from Traveling Vineyard is the white wine option that you are sure to love. This is a great addition to a chili meal and handles the weightier feel of a beef-based meal very well. It has been described by wine aficionados as a nice balance to spicier flavors because it has just a bit of sugar to even everything out. If you are serving any red fruits at your meal, this white wine option will highlight them expertly.

Finally, if you are looking for a way to cozy up and settle in on a colder fall evening, try the 2016 State Room Cabernet Sauvignon/Merlot, Western Cape, South Africa. This is a bolder and heavier red wine option that is sure to soothe and comfort on even the chilliest of fall evenings. It is also a great wine to use as a transition to winter weather. An extra bottle of this cabernet is a great thing to keep on hand in your home because it is sure to go quickly. This is a favorite choice as an evening beverage and is enjoyable all on its own. Imagine a roaring fire and some low music to complete the fall ambiance.

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