Clearabee’s Guide to Filtering Through Prospective Rubbish Clearance Companies


Those who have done their research are well aware of the fact that Clearabee is not the sole rubbish clearance company in the United Kingdom. Though a handful of such companies exist, no two rubbish clearance groups are equal. Each has its own merits, approach and costs. The rubbish clearance company you settle on should be suitable for your unique aims and budget. Clearabee is especially proud of the fact that their customers consider them the best around. Let’s take a look at some of the best questions to ask of prospective rubbish clearance groups. They hope you will ultimately settle on Clearabee for your rubbish clearance needs.

Do you have a pricing structure?

Pricing is certainly one of the most important facets of rubbish clearance. However, allying with the cheapest rubbish clearance group in your area has the potential to be an absolute disaster. Do not let price be a deal-breaker. Find out each company’s pricing structure. You will find each junk removal company offers an array of prices based on the type of rubbish clearance project, your location and any nuanced demands you might have. Weigh the positives and negatives of each prospect along with their price when making a decision.

Do you provide a no-cost on-site estimate?

If the answer to this question is “no”, consider moving on to the next candidate. You deserve a no-cost quote at the site of your rubbish clearance project. This analysis should be done in-person by a representative of the junk hauler who is empowered to make decisions considering pricing. Furthermore, the quote should not include hidden charges of any sort. This rate must include labor, dumping fees, tax and all other possible costs. Make it clear that you will not accept a final bill that is different from the price quoted when the junk hauler assessed your rubbish clearance project.

What kind of rubbish do you haul?

This is one of the most important questions to ask of prospective junk haulers. Find out exactly what the company hauls. If you have particularly bulky items or potentially hazardous items, let the junk hauler know at the outset of the conversation. Each junk hauler removes different types of waste. Some organizations will be happy to haul away your particularly large items while others won’t. In general, most rubbish clearance crews are willing to haul away just about everything that is not hazardous. This is also true of Clearabee. They will not haul hazardous items that pose a threat to the well-being of our rubbish clearance team.

When can you perform the junk haul?

The best junk hauling companies will schedule a pickup within a few days. Clearabee is usually able to pick up junk within this time period. In some instances, they can arrive at your site within a couple hours or less. The notice time hinges on the flow of business at the particular point in time when you reach out for assistance. When reading reviews and speaking with referrals, find out if the junk hauler has the appropriate equipment for your style of rubbish clearance project.

How long will it take to get the job done?

Some local junk haulers struggle to honor their word when it comes to the timing of hauls. The rubbish clearance company must have adequately sized trucks in order to get the job done in a timely manner. Manpower is also quite important. If the company in question is comprised of a skeleton crew, there is a good chance it will take half a day, a full day or even several days for even a fairly simple junk haul to be completed. The rubbish clearance company you settle on should have large trucks, modern hauling equipment and plenty of haulers available to get the job done within the window of time promised during the initial assessment.

Do you provide dumpster rentals?

If you have an abundance of items, you might be interested in a dumpster rental. A dumpster can be obtained through a rubbish clearance company or another party. However, dumpsters are not ideal for especially large items. Do not consider a dumpster rental unless your rubbish is primarily made up of small to medium-size items. Those especially large and heavy items will have to be removed by Clearabee’s rubbish clearance experts.

Are you insured, licensed and bonded?

Imagine a situation in which you ally with a junk hauler who provided the cheapest quote. His team arrives at your home to haul away your rubbish. One of the workers pulls a muscle in his back when carrying a heavy item down your stairs. He stumbles down the stairs and injures his neck. This injury results in costly medical bills. If the rubbish clearance company lacks insurance, you might be on the hook for the causally related expenses to injuries suffered by the hauling crew when working on your property.

Clearabee is the fully insured, licensed and bonded junk hauler you are looking for. Let them tackle your junk hauling project and you won’t have to worry about a potential injury to one of our employees.

Where does the rubbish go after it is hauled away from my property?

If the junk hauler you are considering transports your rubbish to the landfill, keep looking! Clearabee is proud to re-purpose, donate or recycle the vast majority of the rubbish we collect. We are committed to protecting the environment for future generations of humanity and wildlife. We are as green as it gets. Let Clearabee handle your rubbish clearance and you will rest easy knowing you have hired a group of junk haulers that truly cares about the integrity of our planet’s water, soil and air.


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