Dublin’s David Giertz Says That Retirement Doesn’t Mean You Can’t Spend Money


The first rule to remember about saving money for your retirement is that it is not a sin to spend some of the monies you managed to save. If you have an issue when the topic turns toward spending money, you are not alone. Numerous Americans think that saving money for decades means avoiding all expenditures when it is time to retire. However, the truth is that you need to save money before you retire and spend some of your savings once you reach your retirement years. The transition from saving money to spending your savings in a responsible manner is a difficult task.

However, you can achieve a balance between saving money while you work and spending money when you retire. Planning a budget including charitable donations, medical insurance and additional cash reserves for unexpected events makes a big difference. In addition to including prudent expenses within your budget, you also need to make sure you reap the benefits from your previous determination to save money.

A sound financial plan ensures that you have enough money to pay for necessary expenses as well as anticipated adventures. If you are disciplined, your diligence in saving money will eventually equal an ample supply to cover all your needs. If you follow the recommendations of financial advisor David Giertz, you should not have fears about spending some of your savings.

In fact, your happiness during retirement relies upon the decision to enjoy life without harboring any feelings of regret. While it is an admirable trait to save money intended for your heirs, the new trend is to follow your heart by fulfilling the dreams of your youth. Do not spend your life saving money without benefiting from your good fortune. Instead, follow a disciplined practice of sticking to a balanced budget.

Many people are of the false perception that Americans do not typically save enough money for their retirement years. Nevertheless, these journalistic reports are not founded on realistic statistics. The fact is that many Americans save plenty of money for their future lives as retirees. The problem is that they are extremely reluctant to spend any of their savings.

Spending money for necessities is part of a good retirement plan. However, sanity demands that you also use your savings for enjoyable hobbies and activities. Your financial goal is to achieve a happy medium between savings and expenses. Once you have managed to accumulate enough money for your retirement years, do not hesitate to use your savings to experience new and enriching opportunities. If you retire without having any fun, saving money for 40 years is a moot point.

Do not allow yourself to feel hypnotized by dwelling on the many negative things that might occur in your life. It is unproductive to think about every potentially bad event that may or may not occur. If you want to enjoy your retirement years to the fullest, you need to cultivate the right attitude toward money. While prudence has its proper place, enjoyment is also a worthy feeling to explore. When planning your eventual retirement, think about the activities that are going to help you feel happy. If you are an unhappy retiree, the entire point of saving money becomes irrelevant.

In the same manner, do not fall into the trap of sacrificing enjoyment during your youth for the sake of having an abundant amount of money when you retire. The lesson is abundantly clear. You need to have a balanced viewpoint about saving and spending your money. If your views are unbalanced, you may not achieve the goals of your heart.

Developing a diligent strategic plan involves caution combined with abandonment. Think about the things that make you tick. If you have hobbies, include them in your retirement plan. Contemplate the important relationships in your life. Concentrate on activities that make you feel good about yourself.

If you are like most Americans, your goals are bound to include relationships with your spouse, children and grandchildren. In addition, continue to pursue activities that help you grow as a person. Do not live a stagnated life devoid of any real purpose. Plan for your retirement years by saving money without causing any unnecessary hardships in your life due to the fear of spending your savings.

David Giertz is a leader with a vision. After having served in various advisory positions involving money management, Mr. Giertz is a firm believer in combining sound investment strategies without neglecting life’s pleasurable moments. Formerly the president of Nationwide Financial and a graduate of both the University of Miami and Millikin University, David Giertz has a deep commitment to participating in a wide array of community organizations.

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