Technology In Cars Is Distracting Drivers


New cars come with technology that make driving more convenient. However, a new study has shown that the infotainment technology is making it easier for people to get distracted while they are driving. The study was led by David Strayer, who is a professor at the University of Utah.

He stated that there have been studies done in the past that have also confirmed that technology in cars causes drivers to get distracted. However, distracted driving is even more prevalent now because there is more technology available today than there was before. Automakers have put technology in cars that allows people to text, use social media and text while they drive.

Not only is technology more advanced, but it is also becoming harder to use. In the past, cars only had a few knobs and buttons. Today’s vehicles often have 50 buttons on the steering wheel. There are also voice commands, touch screens and heads-up displays. David stated that the complexity of these things increase the amount of time that drivers spend working on them.

The automakers argue that these new systems are better than using navigation devices and mobile phones. Wade Newton is the Spokesman for the Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers. He stated that using the vehicle-integrated systems is equivalent to adjusting the radio or temperature.

Jake Nelson is the director for traffic safety advocacy and research for the AAA. He stated that drivers take their eyes off of of the road even when they use touch screens and voice commands. He stated that automakers have not worked hard to make their systems easy to use.

A survey conducted by the AAA stated that 70 percent of people in the United States want a car with new technology. However, only 24 percent believe that the technology will work properly. Marshall Doney is the CEO and president of AAA. He stated that many of today’s infotainment systems are too complex to use.


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