Todd Lubar: Essential Qualities for Well-Rounded and Successful Leaders


Exceptional leaders are sought after in many aspects of life for many reasons. Individuals who possess strong leadership skills are capable of resolving conflicts quickly, negotiating with others, providing innovative solutions to problems, and communicating effectively. All of these skills can help produce stronger and more productive personal relationships. These vital skills can also help those interested in pursuing a business-related goal to be more successful in overcoming the challenges that accompany this type of accomplishment. What are the essential qualities that a strong leader needs to possess in order to be successful? What are some of the upcoming trends in real estate that good leaders can put to use? The following information was gathered to give a more in-depth answer to these important questions.

Essential Qualities of Successful Leaders

Having a great idea in mind is not enough to bring it to life. Without strong leaders to put a plan of action into place, the majority of ideas would remain nothing more than a well-intended thought. That said, successful leaders are created through a series of essential qualities that they must learn to cultivate. The following qualities are some of the most important to strive after if you want to become a well-rounded leader with a record of success.

* Honesty

As a leader, the decisions you make will be noticed by countless other individuals. Not only will these decisions be noticed by others but they will impact the personal and professional lives of your colleagues and subordinates. Honesty in your actions is a vital part of gaining trust and showing that you have the skills needed to be in a leadership role.

* Confidence

Quality leaders display a great deal of confidence and this, in turn, helps others to believe in their ability to be a good leader. It should be noted that confidence should not be confused with arrogance. Arrogance is seen as a negative trait and is not something that will inspire trust from followers. On the other hand, confidence is an unshaken belief in your ability to perform well at the specific task at hand. This quality invokes complete trust and inspires those around you to follow your lead.

* Delegation

Successful leaders understand that they are only one individual who is ultimately responsible for dozens of others. While some leaders may feel like they can take on the whole world, successful leaders know that delegation offers a great deal of power. They may choose to save certain important tasks for themselves, but successful leaders will always find ways to delegate some of the work to other people. What’s more, they will know the best use of their own time and will refuse to waste this precious commodity doing tasks that could be performed just as easily by others.

* Positivity

Leaders face serious challenges on a daily basis. However, they do so with the confidence that they can overcome these challenges. How do they continue to face persistent challenges with confidence? The main way they accomplish this goal is by always having a positive attitude. Negativity comes naturally to many people, but it is not a quality of a successful mindset. A positive attitude inspires trust and keeps those around you motivated and on-task.

Upcoming Trends in Real Estate that Successful Leaders Can Utilize

The world of real estate is full of successful leaders who have honed the skills mentioned above and created an outstanding business from their basic desires to be successful. By keeping up with upcoming trends in the world of real estate, newcomers and veterans alike will be able to continue to face the future with success. The following are some of the exciting trends now changing the face of real estate at this time.

* Donimation of Online Business

Like it or not, this is the age of the internet in all its glory. Real estate agents today are expected to have a bustling online portfolio to display their current level of success to potential clients. Both buyers and sellers almost always look online well before they approach an agent in person. Without having this solid online presence, you may be easily overlooked.

* Significance of Mass Marketing

To go along with the fact that we are living in an electronic age, take a glimpse at the overwhelming success of various social media platforms. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and similar platforms have made their way into the hands of almost all American adults today by way of smart devices. If you are not branding yourself heavily on these different avenues, you are missing out on a serious opportunity to gain a huge client base and an even bigger following that can affect future business in a major way.

* Smart Home Technology

More and more homeowners and those looking to buy a home are interested in the technology now possible to create a full smart home experience. This technology has the potential to allow homeowners to adjust their thermostat, turn on and off outdoor lighting, and view security camera footage from remote locations. Real estate agents need to stay on top of new developments that come along in the area of home automation technology, as their clients will be expecting them to be knowledgeable about this type of innovative progress.

About Todd Lubar

Todd Lubar is a well-known giant in the world of real estate. Now serving as the owner and president of TDL Ventures out of New Jersey, Todd Lubar fully understands what is needed to be a successful leader and real estate professional.

Todd Lubar earned a degree in speech communication from Syracuse University in 1995, following a highly successful high school academic career. While his initial business interests were in the area of mortgage banking, Todd Lubar soon began developing intimate professional relationships with real estate agents, insurance agents, and financial planning professionals. These relationships served as the driving force behind his own interest in real estate.

In 1999, Todd Lubar took this rapidly growing interest to a whole new level by gaining an equity position with Legacy Financial Group, which ultimately enabled him to further pursue his personal goals within the field of real estate. Today, Todd Lubar remains an influential leader and innovative real estate professional. He has assisted with some of the largest contracts to have taken place over the last decade, lending his expertise and experience to the growing demands and upcoming trends seen in real estate today.


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