Why Dallas County Schools Is The Best Choice For School Transportation


The Dallas County Schools (DCS) bus agency is a renowned program that provides transportation services to more than 70,000 students in nine local district schools in and around the Dallas area. Any parent understands the challenges of taking kids to school on a daily basis, and that is why the DSC has taken on that responsibility time and time again to ensure the safety of children getting to school every single day.

However, every company at some point will face its fair share of challenges. The same case happened to the DCS with its previous leadership. However, DCS has made significant strides to undo their previous wrong doings and insists they have “cleaned the house” and shouldn’t be held to their past mistakes.


DCS offers transportation services to local schools at a cheaper cost compared to other private transportation companies in the market. Last year, school districts and taxpayers saved $42 million on student transportation by using DCS over a private vendor. These immense savings ensured that the local schools were in a much better position to utilize their funds for other projects that were more beneficial to the school’s development.

Commendable improvements

Dallas County Schools has made significant changes within the organization since February.

Some of the changes include;

  1. New administration members in all the top managerial positions,
  2. New board of trustee’s president,
  3. Updated payments to all suppliers,
  4. Termination of employment of all employees who were involved in previous cases of misconduct.

The new administration has made leaps and bounds to move towards a complete turnaround of the agencies management. The credibility of the institution has significantly improved since the removal of all participating members who contributed in the previous wrong doings of DCS. Since the removal, the DCS board has implemented new leadership which has helped streamline new policies and focus on improving DCS throughout all levels of management. These new modifications have averted further financial crisis considering the company was previously on the brink of bankruptcy. However, with the new leadership, DCS has managed to clear all its outstanding debts and is in good financial standing.


With the new leadership, DCS has proven their reliability and is always open to answering any questions by members in regard to the use of taxpayer’s money. Additionally, all transactions made by DCS are now readily available upon request, and especially those regarding the management of funds.

Improved safety features

DCS has prioritized the safety of the children when using DCS transportation. All drivers are taken through the new training curriculum based on current road use, rules and regulations. These drivers are then required to pass all the exams and obtain a certificate before being allowed to resume regular duty. Additionally, buses are fitted with quality cameras that aim to monitor the safety of children both inside and outside the vehicles. Stop-alarm cameras have also been installed on all buses to prevent drivers from going against the required rules and regulations. DCS believes that drivers adhering to the new changes plays a critical role in the safety of children while on DCS buses.

In addition to the strict vetting of bus drivers, the DCS buses have been fitted with digital tracking devices to ensure that they can easily be traced and located at all times. This safety measure makes sure that bus drivers pass through the various routes designated to them. Bus drivers have also been trained on safety measures while transporting children. In the case of emergency, drivers are trained in offering first aid services. This training was mandatory for all staff members, and involved basic and advanced life-saving skills.

The improved safety measures have led to a significant marked reduction in traffic accidents and traffic citations compared to previous years. For instance, traffic citations have reduced significantly from 149 in 2016 to just 20 this year. Roadway accidents have also decreased significantly by 24% compared to the previous school year. This is one of the many hallmarks by the new DCS leadership to improve transportation services.

Moving forward from the past

Though DCS has previously had a rough patch in leadership decisions, DCS insists on focusing on the future of DCS transportation. The new leadership has accepted responsibility for their previous wrong doings and have made significant changes as a result. With these changes, DCS has seen large improvements in their management, finances, and quality of transportation. Dallas County Schools new leadership is passionate and continues to work hard to make things right while providing excellent school bus transportation to students in and around Dallas County.

To follow the full story visit: https://www.dallasnews.com/opinion/commentary/2017/10/20/saving-dallas-county-schools-will-save-districts-money-buses

For any questions regarding Dallas County Schools please visit: http://www.dcschools.com/faq/

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