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It is unmistakable that scientific advancements in astronomy may be inspired by sci-fi novelists. Back when Flash Gordon trekked the universe in a “rocket ship,” NASA was just a gleam in the eyes of space scientists.

Just as many film makers have created the idea that alien life forms exist, scientists at NASA now claim in a matter of only two decades alien life could be discovered, as reported in the UK’s Sun media. (

Discovery of Keppler-11 Planetary System
Depending on the location of an alien universe, communication between earthlings and aliens may take longer than two decades to develop. Humans since the dawn of time have sought to expand the reach of human existence to worlds unknown.

Across the globe, scientists continue to spend each day studying data and photos returned by unmanned spacecraft traversing planets and beyond into other universes. It is from the Keppler space telescope aboard a NASA spacecraft that a relatively new planetary system, the “Keppler-11,” was recently discovered by NASA. Ref:

This discovery produced data that indicates this new planetary system has more than three transiting planets, widening a new vista of possibilities for alien life on these other planets.

Spitzer Telescope Finds Seven Earth Sized Planets
The importance of the discovery of seven earth sized planets by the Spitzer Telescope is made more significant by the fact that these seven earth sized planets revolve around a single star and have similar earthlike “habitable zones.”

One of these planets, Trappist-11 has liquid in the form of water, the key to life on earth, as humans understand it. Ref: This further supports the possibilities of alien life on these planets.

The Mission to Find Alien Life
The Breakthrough Listen project, set up by the incredible Professor Stephen Hawking and Russian billionaire Yuri Milner has recorded 15 mysterious radio signals believed to originate from a dwarf galaxy located three billion light years away from earth.

Stephen Hawking has made it a mission to discover alien life. The scientific team at the University of California/Berkeley believe that the possibility exists that intelligent alien life forms may use such radio signals as a means of detecting other intelligent life forms in other galaxies. Ref:

As always in astronomy whenever scientists find one discovery, it only opens a door to more questions. Discovery of earthlike planets in other planetary systems will naturally lead to the ability of humans to communicate with aliens once thought to be merely science fiction.


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