Delegates Walk Out on a Presentation from American Officials


The United Nations has been holding a conference in Bonn, Germany to address the issue of climate change. The United States might have withdrawn from the Paris accord early this year, but it made a point of attending the meeting. The officials who represented the US began by explaining to the conference why they believed in nuclear energy and fossil fuels in cutting down greenhouse gas emissions. The Friday’s gathering is the only conference that the US were attending officially. The two-week conference has been attended by thousands of delegates from 200 countries. Listening to the argument of the Trump administration, one could easily tell how their reasoning was at odds with the thinking of the other 200 nations. The US delegation was led by George D. Banks. The delegation also consisted of a number of top energy executives in America. The leader said that his country had no doubts that fossil fuels will be in use for some time. He said that their use was not likely to stop in the near future. What should be done to protect global interests is to ensure that the fossil fuel is as clean as possible. However, even before the panel had a chance to present its case to the world, it was disrupted for 10 minutes by a group of protestors that shared different opinions.

The demonstrators were singing and chanting. When they couldn’t take it anymore, they decided to leave the room. After they had all left, the room was half empty. As Trump officials tried to explain about their agenda, they were heckled and mocked by the remaining group. For the first conference since the administration said that it was leaving the Paris accord, it was a rude reception. Late last week, Syria announced that it was joining the accord and this left the United States as the only country that disagreed with the others on climate change. As a matter of fact, people couldn’t expect anything more from an administration that has filled top posts in environmental conservation with people who doubt the existence of climate change. At the same time, he has a cabinet that has enthusiasts from the oil and gas industry. He also run a presidential campaign that promised Americans the revival of the coal industry. The presentation by American officials came a day after research found out that emissions were on the rise. This had been made possible by increased usage of coal in India and China.


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