Microsoft is Using AI to Fight Climate Change


Climate change is an ever more pressing concern. It could literally cause the end of the world as we know it. Technological entity, Microsoft is currently utilizing artificial intelligence to fight the growing threat of global climate change.
The company announced that they would be investing $50 million, over the next five years, into the AI for Earth effort, a program launched to use AI technology as a means to heighten human ingenuity and support long-term sustainability all over the world.
AI for Earth will monitor, model, and manage Earth’s natural systems and is part of Microsoft’s environmental policy expansion, an area Microsoft has centered heavily around the concept of democratized artificial intelligence. Microsoft pushes this concept so hard so that both scientists and business owners have access to climate data, as well as information to promote strategic and preventative action towards climate change: conserving power, reducing water waste, and so on. Afterall, artificial intelligence will soon be widely used to gather data on energy consumption and weather patterns.
Microsoft’s work with AI for Earth will be a three-step process. They will, first, give more seed grants to researchers in order to design and test new AI applications and devices. Microsoft then plans to weed out the most promising applications and bring them to scale with large investments. The last step involves Microsoft implementing the most useful of those applications into various services they can provide to scientists specializing in climate change and global sustainability. The new services Microsoft will provide can help companies around the globe take control of their environmental impact.
Everyone can agree that climate change is directly affected by large-scale human behavior. In order to preserve our shared environment on planet Earth, we must make vital changes to our overall behavior. Microsoft is embracing the idea that more education and information provided to the public, at all levels of class and society, the better we can all change our habits to fight or, at the very least, slow down our world’s inevitable climate change.


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