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Glasses Are a Boon for Night Driving

ClearSight engineers have come up with Night Driving Glasses, which are revolutionary driving glasses with anti-glare polarized lenses that turn the glaring and blurry night time commutes into vision that floods out the glare and gives a much more distinct view of the road.

Studies have shown that night is the most dangerous time to drive and that fatal crashes occur four times as much after hours as during the day. Contributing factors are compromised night vision, lack of light, fatigue, the perils of rush hour, impairment, and other factors.

These special glasses eliminate the dark night glare from oncoming traffic headlights that appear to be up to 300 percent their normal size as well as harsh blurring from bright street lamps and traffic lights that cause severe eye strain and distractions. The safety of the drive is largely increased with such glasses because being aware of possible danger before too late to act is an important forward leap in defensive driving.

The lenses have a yellow tint that brightens dark sections of the road and softens the bright parts. That creates a uniform high definition vision field and is similar to viewing the road from a HD TV screen!

The glasses are not designed in a strangely obvious way. They are normal sized and styled, sit comfortably on one’s nose and ears, give complete protection that includes the peripherals, and can even fit over prescription eyeglasses.

Since being launched last year, the ClearSight Driving Glasses became so popular that more than 425,000 have been sold including more than 30,000 during a Holiday/New Year’s sale. Because of a resulting long waiting list, ClearSight decided on an extension of the holiday discount of 50 percent off. Check to see the availability of that discount in your state.


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