Lab Grown Human Eggs Can Combat Infertility


Scientists have conducted a treatment that may be the answer to infertility. They conducted a treatment where they were able to grow human eggs from the eggs cells. Kyle Orwig is a stem cell biologist who was the leader of the study. He stated that the results of the study are promising, and they have already started using it on patients.

The scientists have conducted experiments on women who are infertile because they have received chemotherapy. Girls who have not gone through puberty do not have mature eggs. However, doctors can take tissue from the ovaries and put it back in the body later in order to help it make eggs.

However, doing this can be risky. There is a possibility that the tissue can cause cancerous cells to grow in the body. The good news is that if this process works, then girls can use their own ovarian tissue for in vitro fertilization.

The ovarian tissue has primordial follicles. These follicles help the eggs develop it. Once a girl hits puberty, she will release one egg per month.

Although the results of this study are promising, scientists do have caveats. Mitinori Saito is a stem cell biologist who works at Kyoto University, which is located in Japan. He stated that there have not been any studies done to confirm whether the eggs are healthy. He also stated that the fact that the eggs matured so quickly may be an indication that they have not developed properly. Additionally, Saito stated that the eggs were large, which indicates that they are abnormal.

Evelyn Telfer is a reproductive biologist who has addressed the concerns that people had. She stated that the eggs matured quickly because they did not have inhibitory signals. That does not mean that the eggs were deformed. The scientists do not plan to use the eggs for pregnancy yet.</a>


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