How to Follow in Todd Lubar’s Footsteps and Become a Well-Rounded Leader


Todd Lubar is currently President at TDL Global Ventures and Senior Vice President at Legendary Investments. He has over 20 years of experience in the real estate industry and is well-known for both his skills and leadership style. Apart from this, he is also an entrepreneur who has inspired many people to start their own businesses and become their own bosses, including myself. His passion for helping people has kept him at the top of his game for years. I am going to share a few things we can work on to become better leaders like Todd Lubar.

High Level of Organization

Leaders should possess a high-level of organization and self-discipline. Often times it is the leader who pushes his employees forward. A leader, however, should be self-driven. There is no one to push him/her except his/her goals. While leaders do have mentors, they need to mentor themselves. This requires a high-level of discipline, organization and balance. In order to have high levels of discipline as leaders, we should have a routine and stick to it.

Todd Lubar, for example, sticks religiously to his morning routine, which consists of a cup of coffee when he wakes up as he catches up on the latest news. Todd believes that one of the secrets to his success is his knowledge of almost everything going on around the world, and specifically in this industry. In order to balance his work and personal life, Todd makes sure he has breakfast with his two kids every morning. After some quality bonding time with his family, he proceeds to get a quick work out in before heading to work. Fitbit is one of his favorite ways of staying on track of all his fitness goals.

Setting Goals and Working Towards Achieving Them

As a leader, it is important to set out clear goals that will trickle down to everyone in your company. These goals should be realistic, but ambitious at the same time. They should steer the organization towards growth. It is important that they are easily understood by everyone so that there is a collective effort towards achieving the goals. This step also helps leaders stay on track in the unlikely event that they lose focus and motivation. Again, leaders are self-starters, but they are human too. Having goals and timelines for achieving each one of them makes it harder to lose focus. The goals of a company are what steer it to success and should be taken very seriously and emphasized as often as possible.

Todd Lubar believes in ideas because these eventually lead up to the setting of goals, which is directly linked to success.

Effective Communication

Leaders should possess the right communication skills because a majority of their role involves communication. They have to communicate ideas back and forth with their top personnel. Consequently, these ideas have to be communicated to other employees, which should preferably be done by them. Effective communication is an art and is not just about spitting out goals, visions, and numbers. It also involves listening. The best ideas come from listening to your employees and listening to what is happening around you. Businesses provide solutions and to do this, they must be aware of the problems.

Ability to Nurture Growth

A leader is not an island. Leaders need to surround themselves with the right people. This is a lesson Todd Lubar learned the hard way. He wishes he would have surrounded himself with better company especially at the start of his career. It is important to work with people who you trust completely. These are the same people who you will nurture and who will make your company better in the long run. In order to nurture and train people effectively, a leader should be flexible to different opinions. He should also allow himself/herself room for change. Everyone goes through a period of growth, and satisfied employees are those that feel that they are growing with their leader.

Connecting With People

Businesses are about people, are run by people, and seek to serve people. In order to be a successful leader, then you must be able to connect with people, from those you work with to those you work for. Communication is a strong contributor to connection. When leaders speak to their staff often, they foster a sense of belonging. This makes people feel open to do their work and share their ideas. Happy employees are productive, and loyal employees and will do anything to see that the goals of their company are met.

This is something I have learned a lot from Todd, who attributes trust and open communication between himself and his employees to the success of his companies. The people he works with feel free to voice their thoughts and opinions and this helps them move forward rather than be stifled by issues that could be dealt with through proper communication.


Leaders can overwhelm and intimidate their employees, and this can stunt growth and openness in the workplace. Successful leaders like Todd are accountable for their mistakes and own up to them. They do not shift blame to others. This inspires other people to do the same. Leaders should be good examples in everything they do even if it means admitting to wrongdoing.

I believe that Todd Lubar is an excellent example of a leader who embodies the qualities mentioned above and more. Not only is he successful at finding solutions for people in order to make their lives easier, he cares about people too. Testament that he has the heart for leadership, not just the skills.


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