Philanthropist Perry Mandera Offers Monetary Assistance to the Chicago Area

Perry Mandera's Donation Efforts in Chicago

Driven by a compassionate heart, philanthropist Perry Mandera, founder of The Custom Companies, Inc., expanded his vision when he created Custom Cares Charities. The Custom Companies, Inc., is not an ordinary transportation business. After founding The Custom Companies, Inc. in February of 1986, Perry Mandera wanted to establish a charitable organization for the transportation industry. Perry Mandera has succeeded in his sincere efforts to make a difference in the lives of many Chicago residents.


Creator of a Successful Business Venture


Mandera’s brainchild is composed of various clients consisting of entrepreneurs who own Fortune 100 companies. Employing more than 300 workers, his business has to succeed in toppling $200 million worth of sales. The business has its headquarters in Northlake, Illinois, and another office located in Los Angeles, California. The Custom Companies, Inc. is a full-service transportation provider harboring numerous offices located in various cities within the United States.


Living Each Day According to his Company’s Motto


Perry Mandera strives to live by his company’s “One Call Does It All” motto. In accordance with his basic philosophy, customers save time and money by discovering a wide array of transportation services offered by his company. Accordingly, clients do not need to contract with different companies. Perry Mandera has rightfully earned a solid reputation as the founder of a business that offers clients exceptional services and affordable prices.

Perry Mandera Focuses on Assisting his Clients


Perry Mandera has a sincere attitude about his important role as a CEO. He does not wish to remain aloof while other people manage his company. Perry Mandera’s basic philosophical system focuses on his complete commitment to each customer. Consequently, Mr. Mandera actively participates in every aspect of his business. Customers appreciate the fact that The Custom Companies, Inc. provides excellent customer service along with meticulous attention to important details.


A Corporate Entrepreneur with an Innovative Approach


Perry Mandera places a strong emphasis on providing his clients with competitive rates, time-tested services and progressive strategies for solving problems. His unique approach is a breath of fresh air within the corporate world. Customers have opportunities to interact with trained representatives who offer professional guidance. Perry Mandera is passionate about running his company according to a personal code of ethics that includes truthfulness as its primary element. Furthermore, Mr. Mandera’s business offers customers services that are available 24 hours a day from Sunday through Saturday throughout the year.


Perry Mandera Devotes Time and Money to his Community


In addition to managing The Custom Companies, Inc. on a full-time basis, Perry Mandera never tires of giving back to his local community. He regularly donates large sums of money to some of his favorite charities in the Chicago vicinity. He has made a personal vow to assist charitable organizations focused on helping veterans, children, and teenagers. In addition, Mr. Mandera has donated money to help eradicate cancer. He has also volunteered many hours in his effort to help organizations find innovative ways to eliminate various types of cancer.


An Entrepreneur with a Conscience about Needy Children


Mr. Mandera’s commitment to helping charities encompasses a diverse group of organizations including the Jesse White Tumblers and the Walter & Connie Payton Foundation. Plus, the philanthropist and entrepreneur is known for his generous donations to the transportation industry. Additionally, Perry Mandera wants to ensure that every child living in Chicago and the surrounding neighborhoods are warm during the wintertime. Accordingly, he has purchased approximately 6,500 winter coats and donated them to disadvantaged children. Always on the lookout for new opportunities to help his community, Perry Mandera has earned his trustworthy reputation as a responsible member of the community.


Dedicated Benefactor to Victims of Natural Disasters


In addition to his personal wish that children in Chicago do not suffer because of cold, bitter temperatures, Perry Mandera and The Custom Companies, Inc. has also donated money to assist Washington, Illinois, residents who lost their homes during the severe tornado that occurred on November 17, 2013 (Strikingly). Mr. Mandera’s business provided free transportation to the victims and offered supplies to many needy families. Victims of Hurricane Katrina also benefited from the truckloads of food and other sundries that were delivered to their localities as part of his company’s commitment to helping people in need.


Meet Chicago’s Entrepreneur in his role as Santa Claus


Perry Mandera’s immense measure of generosity never ceases to impress his colleagues, employees, customers and grateful recipients. He was responsible for donating food and other necessary items to people whose lives were severely impacted by the California wildfires. In addition, Custom Cares Charities donated tens of thousands of dollars to Chicago residents during the holiday season. Families who would not have had the means to celebrate Thanksgiving and Christmas were able to provide their children with gifts and delicious holiday meals.


A Philanthropist Dedicated to Athletic Endeavors


Perry Mandera has also sponsored numerous programs dedicated to helping young athletes residing in Chicago’s metropolitan area. Mr. Mandera’s involvement in sports includes his own personal coaching services to young people who participate in basketball, football and baseball. In addition, he supports professional boxing and local boxers. He has provided financial assistance to Donnell “Doc” Nickelson, a former American Olympian who was born in Chicago, Illinois.


Enriching the Lives of Students and Veterans


Additionally, Custom Care Charities has provided funds so that underprivileged children have options to enrich their lives with better educational opportunities. Mr. Mandera has also helped the Marines for Life and Hiring our Heroes charitable organizations dedicated to supporting American veterans who need to find gainful employment.


Achieving Results as an Environmental Enthusiast


In addition to his impressive involvement in the local community, Perry Mandera is an environmental activist who has incorporated the Environmental Protection Agency’s SmartWay program into his transportation business. Focused on reducing carbon emissions, the program is responsible for ensuring that a minimal amount of pollution affects people residing in Chicago.


Honorable Mentions and Dedicated Funds


As a current member of the United States Marine Corps Reserve, Perry Mandera has also received honorable mentions from Two Soldiers and a Marine and the Jesse White Foundation. He has also donated money to the Sister Paulanne Needy Family Fund and the Special Olympics.


An Entrepreneur Committed to Raising a Christian Family


Perry Mandera is a Christian believer who frequently attends church services with his family. He has been married to his wife since 1989. Mr. Mandera and his wife are deeply committed to raising their children in a Christian environment. In addition to attending his favorite church, Mr. Mandera volunteers for other church-related activities.

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