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Joint problems such as arthritis are extremely common today, yet the cause is poorly understood. It has been estimated that as many as 350 million Americans have arthritis, and some experience devastating consequences from the disease. It’s no surprise that multi-approach treatment centers such as The Osteo Relief Institute have been cropping up across the nation to provide much-needed support to arthritis sufferers. What is arthritis and what can be done to manage it more effectively?


What is Arthritis?


Arthritis is actually a broad term used to refer to a wide variety of diseases that affect the health of the joints. There are dozens of different types of arthritis, but the most common form is called osteoarthritis. Osteoarthritis is the type generally associated with older age and the general wear and tear of the joints that takes place as a person advances in age. Other types are considered autoimmune diseases where the body attacks the joints, resulting in inflammation, pain, and stiffness.


Risk Factors for Arthritis Development


There are many risk factors that can increase the chances of a person developing arthritis. Some of the most common associated risk factors are listed below.


* Family history of arthritis

* Excess weight that is hard on the joints

* Smoking resulting in damage to connective tissues

* Previous trauma or accidents affecting the joints

* Being female, as women are at an increased risk over men of the same age


Management Techniques for Arthritis Symptoms

As stated earlier, arthritis is not curable at this time, but the symptoms can usually be managed quite well with a variety of techniques and interventions. Some of the most common intervention techniques are listed below.

* Exercise

Mild forms of exercise that are easy on the joints can help prevent stiffness, reduce pain, and keep mobility in check. High impact sports should be avoided since they can ultimately lead to more damage to the joints.

* Avoid Sitting for Long Periods

When relaxing or engaging in sedentary work, it’s important that arthritis sufferers take frequent breaks to get up and move about. Stiffness and pain will increase the more sedentary a person becomes, so frequent movement is essential.

* Physical Therapy

Physical therapists such as those employed by The Osteo Relief Institute can teach arthritis sufferers various exercises that can be performed at home to prevent stiffness, reduce pain, and promote relief from bothersome symptoms.

* Weight Loss

Losing even a modest ten to twenty pounds can help drastically reduce joint pain experienced by arthritis patients. The heavier a patient is, the more stress is placed on the joints simply with day to day activities. Weight loss also makes a patient more likely to be able to engage in appropriate exercise, which further helps reduce symptoms.

* Pain Relieving Medications

NSAIDs are popular over the counter pain medications that serve the dual function of reducing pain and alleviating the inflammation that makes the pain worse. They can be purchased over-the-counter or can be obtained in stronger doses by prescription from a physician.


When more conservative at-home methods of managing arthritis are not yielding the kind of results a patient is seeking, multi-disciplinary approaches to medical care can be obtained from facilities such as The Osteo Relief Institute (HealthGrades). The medical professionals at such facilities are trained in the art of treating arthritis from a number of different approaches to achieve the maximum relief in the shortest time and without relying on invasive procedures.

More about the Osteo Relief Institute

The Osteo Relief Institute is a multidisciplinary medical clinic located in New Jersey. In today’s hectic world, finding a medical professional that is trustworthy and qualified to deliver comprehensive care is important to the majority of individuals. This is especially true when patients experience potentially debilitating diseases that affect the joints since these conditions can have huge impacts on mobility.


The Osteo Relief Institute makes every attempt to treat joint conditions from a wide variety of approaches in order to offer the most benefit and relief from symptoms. For this reason, they staff board certified physicians, physical therapists, and other professionals who can provide qualified care to those suffering from joint conditions.


The Osteo Relief Institute also places a high degree of importance on providing outstanding personalized care in a compassionate manner. The staff at the Osteo Relief Institute firmly believe that all patients should be treated like family members, with the same compassion and concern that loved ones would be shown.


With a combination of FDA approved advanced technological therapies and various treatment modalities, The Osteo Relief Institute offers many different ways that patients can obtain lasting relief from pain and other symptoms commonly associated with joint conditions. With multiple locations serving different areas, each location of The Osteo Relief Institute is independently owned and operated by the same level of qualified and compassionate medical professionals who are equipped to make educated decisions for the improvement of patient lives.


The ultimate goal of all locations of the Osteo Relief Institute is to provide the most technologically advanced medical options for the treatment of osteoarthritis and other common forms of joint disease. While providing state-of-the-art treatment options is a necessity, The Osteo Relief Institute attempts to do so in non-invasive manners that don’t involve surgery. They find that many patients are eager to avoid invasive operations if at all possible, opting instead for other less intense methods of pain control and relief of symptoms.


The professionals at The Osteo Relief Institute strive to get a full background on each patient to better understand their unique challenges, symptoms, and goals from treatment. It is only by fully understanding the degree that the condition affects daily life for the patient that proper care and relief can be provided.


The Osteo Relief Institute offers unique options for the treatment of arthritis of the knee. These treatment modalities are designed to help patients get back to an active lifestyle while eliminating the pain, swelling, and limited range of motion that accompany knee arthritis and similar conditions. Factors that affect the individual recommended a treatment plan for each patient include such things as age, previous injuries to the area, the degree of symptoms, genetic predisposition to specific issues, and specific goals of treatment.


Between the unique osteoarthritis knee treatments and the additional knee strengthening exercises designed to promote maximum flexibility of the joints, most patients are able to experience considerable relief without more invasive procedures. The primary goal of the Osteo Relief Institute is to provide a way for patients to return to the lifestyle they experienced prior to the onset of their condition. The unique multidisciplinary approach used, combined with the latest in technological advancements, allow The Osteo Relief Institute to accomplish this with great success.

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