Combatting Climate Change


There are many world leaders who believe that combatting climate change is the most important issue facing the world today. There are major nations working together on a plan to combat climate change in the years ahead. However, it is difficult for these leaders to come to a consensus on the best way to solve the problem.

Although major technological advances have been made with pollution, there are still numerous issues facing the world. As developing nations start to invest in more economic production, the pollution coming from these nations is only going to increase.

Farming Issues

When many people think of climate change, they only think about huge factories spewing vast amounts of pollution into the air. However, many animals have a negative impact on the environment as well.

For example, there are billions of cows throughout the world. Cows excrete gasses into the atmosphere that impact the ozone layer. This is one of the reasons that combatting climate change is so complex. There is no way that people can survive without cows. Cows produce a lot of meat and milk for people throughout the world.

This is where scientists are turning to genetic engineering. Scientists are working on mutating the DNA of cows in order to reduce the total amount of methane excreted. Although this solution is still several years away, it is just one example of how science can help solve the problem of climate change.


Another important way to reduce climate change is to recycle. One of the biggest issues for the overall environment is the amount of trash that is thrown away every year. The oceans are starting to get polluted with tons of trash. Burning garbage releases harmful chemicals into the atmosphere.

Scientists believe they could have a solution for this issue as well. There are various bacteria that actually eat plastic without any negative impact on the environment. Some people want to release these bacteria into areas where there is a lot of trash. Although it would take many years, these bacteria could literally eat the trash that is polluting the ocean.

Climate change is a complex issue that few people truly understand. However, there are various people who are hopeful that countries from around the world will come up with a solution to the issue.


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