Sussex Health Care’s New Gym Boasts Underwater Treadmill And Other Innovations

Sussex Health Care's New Gym
Sussex Health Care's New Gym

Sussex Health Care recently opened a new facility near Horsham. It includes a state-of-the-art gym, which was designed to promote hydrotherapy and physiotherapy. Residents enjoy personalized treatment plans and one-on-one sessions with health professionals. The specialists at Sussex Healthcare have experience and relevant credentials in their areas of focus, which include respiratory, neurological, musculoskeletal and several others. Specialists give residents a full physical assessment before developing a personalized treatment plan in the gym. The facility welcomes elderly individuals who need more care because of dementia and younger people who need special care due to cognitive handicaps.

The New Gym’s Features

The equipment in the gym meets the highest quality standards. There are treadmills for walking. Also, there are elliptical machines that reduce impact on the joints. Cycling machines and weighted resistance machines are also available. These standard machines are ideal for residents who simply want to maintain their mobility.

In addition to standard gym equipment, the facility features special machines for physical and occupational therapy sessions. The machines are designed to strengthen muscles and improve the use of limbs and digits. With these specialized devices and the help of trained professionals, residents who are recovering from surgery, an injury or a long period of immobility can improve their range of motion.

The gym also includes some unique features that most facilities lack. For example, there is an underwater treadmill. For those who have arthritis or another condition that makes walking painful, an underwater treadmill builds strength and makes walking easier by alleviating gravitational pressure on the joints. The specialists encourage residents to use the gym’s new pool for aquatic exercises. Also, residents are welcome to swim in the pool for pleasure or independent exercise. Some areas of the pool have a constant current, which provides resistance for improving endurance. There are also heated spa tubs with jets for hydrotherapy sessions.

Specialists at Sussex Healthcare can help people correct their gait, posture and balance. There are classes that focus on endurance, stretching and strengthening. When designers made the gym, their main goal was to ensure that every resident would have multiple options for either regaining or maintaining mobility. To preserve that vision, specialists meet with residents to talk about their lifestyle. They discuss goals, nutrition, activities and other aspects of life in addition to mobility needs and exercise preferences when they develop treatment plans.

The new state-of-the-art gym is available to all Sussex Health Care residents, and the facility welcomes nonresidents who need its services. Local elderly people who live at home and have difficulty exercising can use the gym. Also, younger people with mental or physical disabilities are welcome. With continual supervision and monitoring, the gym has a higher level of safety standards than traditional gyms. James Greene manages the gym programs and sets up appointments for assessments. For those who are not residents of a Sussex Health Care home, he can help set up transportation arrangements. Mr. Greene welcomes interested people or their families to contact him to learn more or to schedule a tour of the new gym.

About Sussex Health Care

Sussex Health Care is a group of care homes. The first one opened in 1985. Most of the 20 homes that exist today are in Sussex. The homes welcome people with profound multiple learning disabilities, dementia and other conditions that limit mental or physical abilities. Sussex Health Care sets itself above competitors by offering more activities and opportunities for maintaining mobility. For the past 30 years, the company has given high-quality care to over 300,000 individuals. With a commitment to promoting health in surrounding communities, Sussex Health Care facilities featuring gyms and activity centers have outreach programs.

The company’s mission is to show residents the highest standards in personal care. All living and activity facilities are modern and come with the latest technologies. Sussex Health Care homes purchase fresh foods to prepare nutritious meals. The kitchens are supervised by professional chefs, and special diet accommodations are available. Sussex Health Care’s executives believe in a holistic approach to care. They ensure that each resident has an ideal meal plan, exercise plan and activity plan. Activities such as gardening, crafts and outings are available to help residents enjoy what is important to them.

Sussex Health Care is the only independent care home boasting dual accreditation in the United Kingdom. In 2005, the company’s powerful management system earned it the ISO 9000:2000 accreditation. It was awarded with the Investors in People distinction in 2003. In 2002, Sussex Health Care was licensed by Health Quality Service. Executives of the company have also won awards in their fields. One executive won multiple awards and distinctions in the hospitality industry, and another executive won awards in dentistry and humanitarianism. The company has its own culture that is reflected at every level from general care staff to executives, and that culture is centered around individualized and holistic care for each resident.

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