How Financial Expert, Glen Wakeman, Shepherds Companies Towards Success

Financial Expert Glen Wakeman Assists Businesses On Success


Glen Wakeman was recently interviewed regarding his successful ToolKit with LaunchPad Holdings. In the interview, Glen explained his key concepts to attain his level of success. Visit for the full interview


Glen Wakeman founded LaunchPad Holdings, LLC., and this company focuses on providing software as a service to entrepreneurs who are still developing and growing their businesses. The early stage of a business is a critical time, and it can plant the seeds of future success if done properly. Businesses in their early stages often struggle in a changing environment, so LauchPad now offers software as a service or SAAS. This solution incorporates the best practices for navigating regulatory changes, online marketing, financial planning and internal controls.


LaunchPad Holdings, Business Software


LaunchPad Holdings specializes in assisting businesses in the planning phases. The specialty products are designed as software applications, and they enable businesses to achieve goals through careful planning and execution (Crunchbase). Glen Wakeman launched this company with the desire to assist other business owners who are going through the same set of problems that he struggled with in the past. This software effectively transmits the insights gained through decades of practical experience into the new company during the formative stages. Businesses that use these software products can take advantage of the types of insights that can keep the company heading in the right direction.


Glen Wakeman developed methodologies that can reduce the amount of iteration used during the process of developing new ideas. His methods draw on established formulas that are known to work as well as innovating in key areas. For example, his outlines present new concepts in a manner that allows the client to receive critical feedback. Getting accurate reactions from the target audience is essential for refining the newest ideas. In order to execute this process, it is necessary to focus on the details while maintaining a high level of dedication. A well-rounded sense of humor also helps to mitigate any difficulties that arise, and Glen Wakeman is known for his ability to bring all of these essential qualities to the table.


Business Leadership and Vision


Glen Wakeman offers his experiences and insights while assisting new companies on achieving their unique business identities. He brings these practical tools into every aspect of his work. As a business leader, he is recognized throughout the world for his ability to use these insights to assist businesses of all sizes. He offers practical methods for transferring the best practices used in large organizations into companies that are still getting started.

Glen Wakeman offers clients the opportunity to leverage his experience in business through a unique software product. However, he also does consultation services, and this allows clients to enjoy the benefits of developing a working relationship while improving the performance of their company. These methods are always being updated to reflect changes in the industry. He also integrates the feedback offered by clients into this process. He may offer various support services to companies in order to ensure success. This may include serving on the Board of Directors or working as an adviser to the CEO of the new company. This allows him to monitor the success of the methods as they go into the implementation phase.

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Monitoring Performance Metrics


Glen Wakeman developed a series of metrics that are used to monitor the process of moving a company from the startup phase into a mature condition. This requires the company to adopt principles that will produce measurable results while maintaining compliance. These methods were developed within large, complex organizations. His experience in leadership roles allowed him to develop formulas for restructuring entities of all sizes in order to maximize their potential.


This method is based on five particular insights applied to the client organization:


  1. Developing internal leadership: The structure of the organization plays a key role in determining the outcomes. Leadership can require the company to change the basic structure of the company. This transition process is facilitated by Glen Wakeman’s template for the team in charge of implementing the changes. Employees can be expected to resist even the most positive changes, and this requires a specific set of skills.


  1. Capital allocation: Glen Wakeman understands that human capital is a valuable, under-utilized asset. His vision incorporates the original vision of change with the actual strategies necessary to make the transition effective. In addition, his approach involves transferring authority to the people most capable of executing this vision.


  1. Implementation: Companies will often have high expectations during the planning stage of a transition project. However, when it comes time to execute these policies, unexpected difficulties often arise. Glen Wakeman developed a set of programs that deal specifically with the most common problems that happen during implementation.


  1. Managing Risk: Glen Wakeman provides insight to companies that are facing the same set of problems during the restructuring process. Risk management is essential because employees can experience these changes as a potential threat to their position. These risk-management formulas are designed to minimize possible negative side-effects that can occur from these transitions.


  1. New Management: A new management style will often replace the old one, and employees will need to be able to get back into their daily routine. Glen Wakeman’s innovations in policies for corporate governance provide the basis for improving performance and managing the transition period.


Glen Wakeman offers practical solutions for common problems faced by growing businesses. His extensive work with large corporations informs his ability to assist startups during periods of rapid growth. Glen Wakeman created a template to deal with the high rate of failure for new startup companies. During this process, he noticed that businesses would fail even when they had a good business plan. Upon close examination, he observed that the rate of failure invariably happened during the implementation stage.


Glen Wakeman’s Profile

Glen Wakeman has experience serving on corporate boards in the United States and in more than 30 countries around the world. His work includes activities with companies like General Electric, Global Insurance Ventures, and GE Capital. He received numerous prestigious awards for his efforts, including the GE Board of Directors’ Growth Leadership award. He is certified at the highest level in Six Sigma.

Glen Wakeman has served in over 30 countries around the world, and he brings this leadership experience into every aspect of his program. His work includes serving on the board of directors and as a CEO of a publicly traded company. He has experience as an investor, a financial services executive, and a small business owner. With more than 20 years of experience in various management roles, he works closely with new businesses to help them achieve their full potential.

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